Match Statistics

Oxford Mail Youth Football League


All teams (U7 to U16) must report match statistics for all League matches by 6.00pm on matchday (9.00pm for midweek matches). Any late, missing or incomplete match stats will result in a fine.

To access Full-Time, you will be sent an email from the system, inviting you to create a username and password. Please remember these, as you will need them throughout the season. When you log in for the first time, you will be asked to accept the FA Full-Time terms and conditions of use. Please tick the box and press Continue.

When you log in future, you will see a standard login page asking for your username and password.

Results Home
Once logged in, you will arrive at the Admin Home screen (see below). To enter a result, press the Result tab in the blue menu bar at the top of the screen.

To enter a result, press the Result tab in the blue menu bar at the top of the screen. You will then be taken to the Team Admin Result Entry screen.

Result Entry Screen
Here you will see the fixtures for your team from the last seven days and for the next seven days (if you are a team admin for several teams, then you will see the fixtures for each of these teams). The match result will have been entered automatically from the SMS Results text message that you will have sent in earlier (or at least should have!).

In this screen, press the blue Statistics button under your team (remember both home and away teams must do this, but you will have access to only your team).

The match statistics are in three tabs. You must enter the requested information in each of the tabs.

Tab 1 - FA Marks

Firstly you need to enter the referee mark.

Please enter the following:

Referee name: If you are the home team, you need to enter the name of the referee, if no referee was appointed or the appointed referee was unable to do the match. If the appointed referee does the match, then leave this blank.

Referee mark (in three parts):

Out of 40 - Overall decision making
Out of 30 - Judgement on major decisions
Out of 30 - Overall control

Guidance on how to mark a referee's performance can be found on the referees page.

Referee report (low mark): If the total mark is below 61, you must include your reasons for this in the box provided.

Below the referee section, you will find the Respect Marks and the Pitch Marks section. Please answer both questions for the Respect Marks and select the appropriate answers regarding the pitch.

Remember to press the red UPDATE button when you have added all the required information.

Tab 2 - FA Marks

Here there are just three quick questions with Yes/No answers:

Did your manager check the opposition WGS squad list?
Was the opposition squad list available for inspection in printed form?
Was a respect barrier (designated spectator area) used at the match?

Remember to press the red UPDATE button when you have answered the three questions.

Tab 3 - FA Marks

Finally, you need to enter the player statistics. It is recommended that you use the Quick Stat Entry screen for this.

The list of eligible players will appear on the left, with tick boxes across the screen for most options and a number entry box for goals.

Below is a summary of what must be entered (mandatory) and what is up the team (optional).

Started - mandatory for all teams*
Bench used - mandatory for all teams
Bench unused - optional
Captain - optional
Goal - mandatory for U12-U16, optional for U7-U11
Own goal conceded - do not use (see below on entering own goals)
Yellow card - optional
Sin Bin - not used (will come in next season)
Second yellow card - optional
Red card - optional

* This should not be more than the format of your match, e.g. for 5v5, the starters should not be more than 5.

When you have entered all the stats, press the red UPDATE STATS FOR PLAYERS button. After you press the update button, a summary table will appear underneath for you to double check what you have entered.