Oxford Mail Youth Football League

WGS Squad List updates

BUG FIX: the FA have now fixed the bug in WGS that prevented clubs assigning a player to a team if they did not appear on screen 1.

FUNCTIONALITY FIX: The FA have done a update in the system to the WGS squad list, which means that managers and coaches can now access the squad list directly, saving time for the club secretary or player registration officer. There are now two separate ways to download a squad list:

1. Club officials using the Teams tab (club officials can access all squad lists for their club)
2. Team officials using the My Clubs and Teams tab (team officials can access their team(s) only - note: only the named manager/coach/assistant manager/assistant coach can do this for their team)

The squad list button is still available in the player registration screen but will now only come up with a dialogue box that tells the user the new ways to obtain the list.

Squad list now shows 20 players per page
There is now the option to add team officials photos - see WGS squad list update below for instructions
Emergency contact details (parents/guardians) will be printed on a separate sheet (if they have been entered in the system)
Now includes date registered

Further details can be found in the FA WGS squad list update.

Year : 14 November 2018
Category : News