Player registration

Oxford Mail Youth Football League

Player registrations in Whole Game System (WGS)

The OMYFL are now using the FA's Whole Game System (WGS) for player registrations. All players (U7-U16) playing in match organised by the League, including Trophy Events and Cup Competitions, must be registered via Whole Game System now. The following is a brief guide to the process and should be read alongside the downloadable resources available on this page.

Key requirements for registering a player
Name of player
Date of birth
Postal address (including postcode)
Proof of date of birth, validated by a club official
Photo ID (recent electronic photo, head and shoulders, will be valid for three years)
FAN (FA Number), if the player has played previous and has been registered in WGS

All players must have been submitted for approval at least two days before they first play for a team.

Requests for registration approval must be received via WGS no later than 6.00pm on Wednesday for Saturday games and no later than 6.00pm on Thursday for Sunday games.

Before submitting to the League, remember to check that:
(a) their name and date of birth are correct
(b) you have uploaded a player photo
(c) you have added an ID check to confirm you have seen proof of date of birth of the player
(d) you have assigned them to the correct team
(e) you have assigned them as "male" or "female"
(f) that the system has given them a FAN (new players only)

If you want to add a player registered at another club, please follow the transfer process below.

Data errors
If you find an error in the WGS player data, please correct it as soon as possible.

Player name/date of birth - these fields are not editable by clubs so you will need to contact your County FA WGS contact with the details of the error to get it fixed.
Photo - you can change a player photo when setting up a player record and once the photo ID has expired (depending on the expiry date set by the League). However, once a player has been registered with the League and the registration approved, the photo cannot be changed.
Postal address - these fields can be updated at any time and clubs should ensure they are kept up-to-date throughout the season.

Transfers (Club to Club)
Enter the player name (or FAN if known) and the date of birth, with postcode if you know it.
Remember you should only search for players whose parents have given you permission to add them to your club.
When the system recognises that this player is already in the system at another club, confirm the details (if correct) or change them (if incorrect).
The system should then allow you to make a notice of approach to the current club (DO NOT say they have waived this unless you have proof in the form of an email or letter).
The player will then be added to the Notice of Approach section awaiting the end of the approach period.
Once the period is over, they will be moved automatically to the Transfer section, where the League can approve the transfer.
If a notice of approach is not created by the system, please contact the current club to advise them that you wish to approach the player and then send the confirmation from them to the League.

Should a team wish to de-register a player, e.g. they have moved abroad or have stopped playing, then please email the League with the player name, FAN and team name asking for the player registration to be cancelled. Once this has been done, the club can detach the player in Whole Game System.

WGS Squad List
[October update]
The WGS Squad List can now be downloaded by both clubs officials (all teams within club) and managers/coaches (limited to their teams).

Club officials should use the Teams tab
Team officials should use the My Clubs and Teams tab

Further details can be found in the FA WGS squad list update.

Questions and requests regarding registrations/transfers/de-registrations or the registration process should be sent to:

Debbie Moore
Rob Roslyn

Important points to remember
Players must be 6 years old by 31st August in a playing season to play in any organised football including Development games, Futsal and Club Tournaments
Players may be registered on or after their 6th birthday but can only play at Under 7
Players who are under the age of 15 as at 31st August in a playing season shall not be permitted to play in a match where any other player is older or younger by two years or more than that person
Players must be registered with the League and listed on the printed WGS Squad List before they can play.
Players must be registered in order to play in any match organised by the League including Development games and Futsal games.
Players are registered for a TEAM within a club
If a club has more than one team in an age group they must be designated by a name e.g. Red, Blue
Players can only be registered for 1 team at any one time
Players must be registered for 2 days before their 1st game
Mixed gender teams are allowed in all age groups in the Oxford Mail Youth Football League.
Printed version of the WGS Squad List must be available at every match for inspection
Under 7 to Under 10 - 14 Players may be registered at any one time
Under 11 to Under 14 - 18 Players may be registered at any one time
Under 15 to Under 16 - 21 Players may be registered at any one time