Result Reporting

Oxford Mail Youth Football League


Match results are now reported via Full-Time SMS to help make sure all results are submitted on time (and thus help clubs avoid fines) and to help reduce the amount of manual work done by League officials.

Team admins have been set up for the teams in the League (where they have provided a mobile number) and they will receive an SMS Text Message for each game, reminding them to submit the score. These messages will be sent approximately 15 minutes after kick-off and the team admin should reply as soon as possible after the game has finished, and before the usual match day deadline.

The score should be submitted by both teams (Home and Away) and must be submitted using the format requested in the SMS Text Message. If team admins are submitted results for more than one team, they will be asked to include the team code as well (see below). Here is a quick reference table showing what is needed in the reply.

Result reporting - quick reference
Format H-A H-A Teamcode
League game 2-1 2-1 AB12
Cup game - result in normal time 2-1 2-1 AB12
Cup game - result after extra time 2-2 2-3 AET 2-2 AB12 2-3 AET
Cup game - result after penalties 2-2 3-3 AET 3-1 PENS 2-2 AB12 3-3 AET 3-1 PENS
Postponed P-P P-P AB12
Abandoned A-A A-A AB12
For U9, U10 and U11 Trophy Event fixtures, use the Cup game formats.
For U7 and U8 Trophy Events and all Futsal fixtures, ignore the SMS message.
For U7-U10, remember to submit the result of the first game only (friendlies should not be included)

A "How To..." guide has been drawn up to help with this new process, showing how to submit scores for League and Cup games, as well as hints on what to do and what not to do, and a Frequently Asked Questions part. You can download the How to guide in the Resources List.

Important note: do not submit goalscorers or match reports via the SMS Text Message reply. These should be added in the match statistics directly into Full-Time.

Note to team admins: if you change your mobile number, please let us know asap