Heading in Youth Football

New FA Guidance

New FA Guidance on Heading

The Football Association have announced their latest guidance on heading in youth football following release of a study into the effects of heading on players, in a joint launch with the Scottish FA and Irish FA.

This guidance comes into immediate effect, but applied to heading in training only for the time being. There is no change to heading in matches at this point. Clubs should make sure that everyone involved in taking youth football training sessions is made aware of this guidance asap and ensures it is put into practice straight away.

The main points of the guidance are as follows:

  • Heading guidance in training for all age groups between under-six and under-18
  • No heading in training in the foundation phase (primary school children)
  • Graduated approach to heading training for children in the development phase between under-12 to under-16
  • Required ball sizes for training and matches for each age group
  • No changes to heading in matches, taking into consideration the limited number of headers in youth games

The guidance also announced a change in ball size for Under 10s starting from 1 June 2020 - from size 4 currently to size 3.

Further information can be found on The FA website .

To download the guidance document, click on the image below.

FA heading guidance

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