Best Practice

Useful download to help create a safe and fun environment for participants.

Best Practice

It is important that everyone involved in football, helps to create and maintain a supportive, safe and fun environment in which children and young people can learn and develop their football skills and knowledge. Part of this process is to ensure that everyone follows best practice at all times.

We have pulled together documents on various subjects which you can download to help your club follow best practice. Please check with The FA's website for the most up-to-date documentation.

Heading Guidelines UPDATE JUL 2021 2.6MB Download
Safer Recruitment 274KB Download
Club Annual Membership and Consent Form 881KB Download
Photography Guidelines 2.5MB Download
Travel Tips Tournaments - Advice 1.7MB Download
Including and Safeguarding Deaf and Disabled Chidren and Youth People 2.7MB Download
Open Age Adult Disability Football 1.7MB Download
Best Practice Guidelines - Changing Rooms and Showering Facilities 205KB Download
Adults playing against U16s 351KB Download
Choosing a Club for Your Child 174KB Download
Social Networking websites mobile phone and email communications 152KB Download
Running a website - Dos and Donts 255KB Download
Responsible Use of Social Networking Sites 149KB Download
Communicating responsibly with Youth Leaders Coaches and Referees U18 145KB Download
Using Text and Emails with U18s Dos and Donts 148KB Download
Guidance for parents and carers 246KB Download
Guidance for U18s 260KB Download

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