Player Registration

All players taking part in matches organised by the OYFL must be registered with the League.

General Information

The OYFL runs age groups from Under 7 through to Under 21. All players should be registered via Club Portal - player registrations .

The details of all registered players feed through to Full-Time to enable teams to complete match statistics, but in line with FA guidelines, player details not displayed on the public pages for the development age groups (Under 7 to Under 11). In the older age groups (U12-U21), parents/carers can request that their child's name is hidden from the public pages on Full-Time, e.g. for safeguarding reasons or privacy, by informing their club, who should forward the request to the League for action.

Club Portal

Registration Deadlines


All teams must have registered the minimum number of players one week before the start of the season to show that they are viable and can field a team. The minimum required is the same as the format played by the team (see table).

Clubs/teams should do preparation work over the summer months, including removing teams that have folded and adding any new ones, and detaching players that have left the club.

The League will notify clubs when registrations are open. Please DO NOT submit anything before this date.


Under 7 & Under 8 5 14
Under 9 & Under 10 7 14
Under 11 & Under 12 9 18
Under 13 to Under 16 11 21
Under 17 to Under 21 11 25


To be eligible to play in a League match, registrations for players must be submitted before the weekly deadlines, as follows:

Saturday matches - submit registration before 9.00 pm Thursday

Sunday matches - submit registration before 9.00 pm Friday

weekday matches - submit registration before 9.00 pm two days prior to match

Registration Process

Adding a Player

You can start this process only if the parent/guardian of a player has given you permission to do so.

First, check that the player is not listed in Club Portal already by doing a search on the player name, including any variation/abbreviation of first name and make sure the spelling is correct.

If the player is not listed in Club Portal, then you will need create a new player record and add the following information:

  • Name of player
  • Date of birth
  • Full postal address (including postcode)
  • Gender (male or female)
  • Photo (recent electronic photo) - see under Photo for guidance
  • FAN (FA Number), if the player has played previous and has been registered in Club Portal
  • Proof of date of birth check - you will need to enter that you have seen documentation to prove the DOB, e.g. passport, birth certificate
  • Consent - you will need to indicate consent for the player to play for your club, either by offline consent or online consent.

If they have played elsewhere but are no longer registered at the other club, then ask the parent/guardian for their FAN and date of birth, and do a search in WGS. When you find the player, add him/her to your club.

If they have played elsewhere and are still registered, then you will need to approach the other club - see under Transfers.

DATA PROTECTION: Remember that personal information about players and parents/carers should be kept confidential and communicated only to those people that need to know or be involved in the process.

IMPORTANT: Players can register for only one team in the OYFL at any one time and must transfer if they wish to play for another OYFL team (even at the same club). The only exception is that the League allows dual registration of a player if they are in two teams, where one is in the age group above the other, e.g. U10 and U11, and BOTH teams are at the same club subject to certain limits. A maximum of three players can dual register in the older team at any one time at U8 to U However, they can register for another team playing in another League as we can govern only our own League (though postponements caused by players being unavailable because they are playing elsewhere will be seen as invalid, unless the match is an FA or County Cup competition).


An electronic photo must be loaded for each player.

Photo should be:

Recent, taken in the last three months
A reasonable likeness of the player
Head and shoulders only
Facing forward
Correct way up
Fill the photo space
Alone (no-one else in the photo)
Not obscured by shadows, face coverings, hats, sunglasses, etc

Player photos must be renewed for players in teams playing at U10, U13 and U17 each season


For each player registration, the club must indicate that they have obtained consent from the parent/guardian (if under 18 years of age) for the player to play for the club/team. There are two ways of doing this:

1. Offline Consent

This can be added directly in Club Portal by a club official or a player registration offer but will last only one season and must be renewed each season.

2. Online Consent

This is done through Club Portal by sending a consent request to the email of the linked parent/carer. Once the parent/carer has given their consent for their child to play for the club, this will last five years, or until the player leaves the club if sooner.

Squad Sizes

One week before the start of the season each team should register the minimum number of players listed below for their age group. During the season, teams cannot exceed the maximum number of registered players allowed for their age group

Under 7514
Under 8514
Under 9714
Under 107 14
Under 11918
Under 12918
Under 131121
Under 141121
Under 151121
Under 161121
Under 171125
Under 1811 25
Under 2111 25

Squad List

Teams must have an up-to-date copy of their squad list with them at all matches available for inspection by the opposition or a League official.

The Squad List can now be downloaded by both club officials (all teams within club) and managers/coaches (limited to their teams).


Transfer Process (club to club)

You can start this process only if the parent/guardian of a player has given you permission to do so.

Notice of Approach

First you must email the player's current club with a seven-day Notice of Approach (NOA) to let them know that you would like to approach the player in order for them to transfer to your club/team. Copy this to

Starting the Transfer

Once you have submitted the NOA, and after seven days, you can add the player to your player list and assign to the correct team. You can do this earlier, if the current club confirms that they waive the notice period. Once you have done this, submit the player to the League.

Objection period (3 days)

The League will start the transfer process, which initiates a three-day objection period for the current club.

League approval

If the current club waives the objection period (must be sent via email to the Registrations Secretary), then the transfer will be approved immediately. If the current club does not object, the League will approve the transfer after the 3-day objection period. If the current club objects, the League will review the objection and make a decision whether the transfer can proceed or not by mediating between the two clubs. Note: this will completed as long as team has space in the squad to add a new player.

Transfer Process (inter-club)

You can start this process only if the parent/guardian of a player has given you permission to do so.

Submit a cancellation request for the player in the current team. Add the player to the new team, and then submit the registration to the League.


All player cancellations should be submitted via Club Portal to the League. To submit a cancellation:

  • Go to your All Players tab in the Player Registrations Portal
  • Search for the player you want to cancel using the filters
  • Click on the player, and then on the Registrations tab within the player record
  • Using the tick box on the left hand side, select the registration to be cancelled
  • Click Cancel Registration button
  • Click Start Cancellation button in the resulting pop-up window
  • In the next screen, select the reason for cancellation
  • Then press the Submit to League button
  • Click Confirm the resulting pop-up window

Data Errors

If you find an error in the player data, please correct it as soon as possible.

Player name/date of birth - these fields are not editable by clubs so you will need to contact your County FA with the details of the error to get it fixed.

Photo - you can change a player photo when setting up a player record and once the photo ID has expired (depending on the expiry date set by the League). However, once a player has been registered with the League and the registration approved, the photo cannot be changed.

Postal address - these fields can be updated at any time and clubs should ensure they are kept up-to-date throughout the season.

If you find a player or manager/coach has more than one FAN, contact the County FA to have the records merged.

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