Quick guide to match day discipline.

Match Day Discipline

All match day discipline will be reported by the match referee to the relevant County FA(s).

Any club queries regarding match day discipline should be sent directly to their County FA, including any appeals. It is recommended that clubs sign up for online discipline administration in Whole Game System as this will speed the entire process up and hopefully should avoid overdue fines and allow clubs to enter suspension information so teams do not play ineligible players.

Sin bin caution 10 minute temporary dismissal (8 minutes in matches of less than 90 minutes) No County fine, but caution will count towards player, team and club disciplinary total
Second sin caution (in same match) Second 10 (or 8) minute temporary dismissal, and cannot take any further part in match, and cannot be substituted County fine and a one-match suspension
Dismissal Cannot take any further part in match County fine and match suspension (length to be confirmed depending on reason for dismissal)
Misconduct Depends on misconduct Misconduct report will be reviewed by County FA and action taken depending severity of misconduct

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