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Player Registrations

What is the earliest a child can register to play?

Under FA rules, children must have reached the age of 6 years before they can play in organised matches of any kind. They can play at Under 7 only if they are 6 years old by midnight on 31 August for that season. They can also register at Under 7 on or after their sixth birthday, if they turn 6 years during the season.

Which age groups can have mixed teams?

Male and female players can play in mixed teams in all the age groups covered by the the OYFL, from Under 7 through to Under 17. Under 18 teams can also be mixed, but as they play in a joint League with U19-U21 players, female players would not be able to play in matches against those teams. To ensure a club can add both female and male players in the same team, they must have affiliated their team as "mixed" in Whole Game System. If a club has affiliated a team as "male" or "female" and wants to change that, they should contact their County FA to request the change.

What is the process for registering a player?

All OYFL player registrations, transfers and de-registrations are now done via the FA's Whole Game System. Clubs have been given details on the registration process and further details can be found on the player registration page .

When is a player eligible to play?

Players must be registered with the League two days before they play. For a Saturday team, registrations must be submitted by 9pm on Thursday and for a Sunday team, registrations must be submitted by 9pm on Friday. Transferred players have the same timeframe.

How do you know a player is registered?

All teams must have an up-to-date copy of the their team Squad List which shows all the registered players for that team. If they are not on the Squad List, then they cannot play.

Do teams have to have a copy of their squad list?

Yes. All teams must carry an up-to-date copy of their team Squad List. If a team cannot produce it when requested by an opposition team official, then they will be liable to a fine.

Can a player be cup-tied?

Yes, if they transfer to another club in the same cup competition as their previous team, having already played for their previous team in the cup competition. If they transfer to a team in a different cup competition, then they can play. Note that where there are Cup, Tropy, Plate or Shield competitions, these are all treated as separate competitions.

Referee fees

FA Full-Time

What is FA Full-Time?

Full-Time is an online league adminstration system provided by the FA to affiliated and sanctioned leagues for free.

How do we enter the match score?

Teams submit the match score by replying to a Full-Time SMS message, using the format H-A. Full details can be found under the Results Reporting tab on the Matchday page .

What do I do - the SMS did not come through?

If the text message does not come through, the score can be uploaded via the match statistics process.

What do you mean by Match statistics?

These are the same as the old match cards, i.e. names of players and substitutes, goal scorers, referee name and mark, etc, but with some additional parts such as Respect marks. See the match statistics tab on the Matchday page for full details.

How do I get access to Full-Time?

Your club will need to add you as a Team Official in Whole Game System as one of the following - manager, coach, assistant manager, assistant coach or team secretary. This will feed through to Full-Time and you will be sent a login invitation. Make sure your email address and mobile number are in your FA profile, and are correct.

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